Motorcycle Crash Scene Management 

and First Aid

Motorcycle Crash Scene Management and First Aid

  • Would you know what to do if you came across a motorcycle crash?
  • Would you feel confident to be able help the rider?

As motorcycle riders, a crash is never in our plans! But they happen, and whether it’s a riding buddy or a stranger you’d want to be able to help – right?

Our Motorcycle Crash Scene Management and First Aid course will teach you what to do and give you the confidence to be able to safely manage the crash scene, provide immediate care to the rider and prevent further trauma.

Knowing this information could make a difference to the outcome – it could even save a life!

About the course

The Motorcycle Crash Scene Management and First Aid course teaches the skills and knowledge required to perform life saving CPR and to provide first aid, life support and the management of casualties.

The course is designed with motorcyclists in mind, and goes beyond a standard CPR or First Aid course by providing additional information and practical skills specific to motorcycle incidents.

Some of the things you will learn are:

    • how to safely and effectively manage a crash scene – the rider, bystanders and the crashed motorcycle;
    • what your legal obligations are;
    • what your priorities are and how you manage them;
    • when, why and how to safely remove a rider’s helmet;
    • what you should have in a first aid kit;
    • communicating with emergency services – what they need to know and how they can help you; and
    • common motorcycle related injuries and how to manage them until help arrives.

All practical activities have been designed around motorcycling!

Motorcycle Crash Scene Management and First Aid is run in conjunction with Pulsestart Training Solutions (RTO 31869) and is fully compliant with the Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines.

Participants will receive the nationally recognised HLTAID009 (CPR) and HLTAID011 (First Aid) qualifications on completing the course.


at SMART Rider Academy

Motorcycle Crash Scene Management and First Aid is suitable for anyone requiring a CPR and First Aid qualification for their workplace, sporting endeavours or recreational club as it provides participants with nationally recognised HLTAID009 (CPR) and HLTAID011 (First Aid) qualifications.

But this course is PERFECT (and could we say essential) for all motorcycle riders because it will give you the skills and confidence to deal with the additional complications surrounding a motorcycle crash.

The Motorcycle Crash Scene Management and First Aid course has been developed by motorcycle riders for motorcycle riders – peer to peer, mate to mate!

We believe our training team is the only one in Australia that hold qualifications in both first aid training and motorcycle rider instruction, and who work full time as trainers in these industries.

Our 2 lead instructors each have over 30 years of riding experience, 20+ years as instructors and experience in rescue and paramedics.

So you will learn from instructors who live and breathe motorcycling!

Pulsestart Training Solutions – the Registered Training Organisation (RTO 31869) providing your nationally recognised HLTAID009 (CPR) and HLTAID011 (First Aid) qualifications – is owned by qualified first responders who also happen to be passionate motorcycle riders!

To cover all required content and to give you the best training experience possible, the course is delivered in a blended format with some of the material delivered in a self-paced online learning environment.

The practical component is then delivered face-to-face during a 5-6 hour classroom session.

In our experience, we aim for 5 hours but you know what motorcycle riders are like – we’ll talk a lot and cover things that come up on the day that are relevant to you and your experiences on the road.

The Motorcycle Crash Scene Management and First Aid course is being held at:

Beenleigh Multisports Association

39 Boundary St
Beenleigh, QLD 4207

The course fees are $120.00 (including GST) which covers all online and face-to-face training, and your HLTAID009 (CPR) and HLTAID011 (First Aid) qualifications.

Simply click on the “Register NOW” button or the link in the “Upcoming Courses” calendar on this page. And of you need any help to register or have any other questions please call us on 1300 961 335.