• If you’ve ever run wide in a corner, struggled to know the best line to take or had a close call with a car;
  • If the thought of doing a U-turn or even riding slowly through traffic freaks the daylights out of you;
  • Or even if you just feel like there are times where your confidence is down and you’re not enjoying your riding …

You’re not alone!

In almost 20 years of coaching motorcycle riders these are some of the most common issues we’ve seen.

And if you’ve been there you know that having just one of those moments is enough to shatter your confidence and destroy your love of ridingAnd after all – we ride because it’s meant to be fun.


Our SMART Rider Academy “How to keep it UP-RIGHT” course was created to address those problems so you can enjoy your riding more.


Whether you’re a new rider, been riding for years or you’ve come back after a break we all need higher level skills to tackle the challenges of riding on our roads.

And we can all agree it’s getting crazy out there.

The SMART Rider program was launched in 2017 as an affordable way for you to learn how to refine those higher level skills, and to teach you strategies to deal with issues on road so you can reduce your risks and enjoy your riding more.


We’ll take you deeper into the fundamentals of cornering, braking and road craft, so you can learn:

    • how you can improve your control over your motorcycle by understanding some basic vehicle dynamics;
    • how your brain and vision work together to improve your riding;
    • why other road users don’t see you and what you can do about it;
    • how to recognise when one of those “Uh Oh” moments is about to happen, and how to prevent it; and
    • how to choose the best riding gear.

Registration is a must, and course numbers are limited to ensure that you are given the best experience.

Who is this course suited to?

Riders of all experience levels will benefit from the information and the practical skills provided in this course.

No matter how long you’ve been on a bike, how much experience you’ve had or how much you already know, there’s always room to learn and improve when it comes to riding motorcycles on our roads.

If you have any questions or want to discuss the course with us you can contact us on 1300 961 335 or email us at hello@smartrideracademy.com.