SMART Rider – Corner with Confidence

“The best riders in the world know how to do the basics very, very well!”

And when it comes to cornering there are a lot of basics that must come together for you to get that perfect ride.

Get it right and it’s one of the best feelings you can ever have on a motorbike. But get it wrong and it can all end in disaster.

At the very least you get a massive scare, your confidence is shattered and the fun has just disappeared from your riding. We’ve all been there at some stage. The worst case, of course, is a crash – and that can be a very expensive and painful outcome.

But you’d like to go beyond that, wouldn’t you?

About the course

When we looked at why riders have bad experiences in corners we realised that sometimes there’s one overriding action or decision, but most times it’s a series of small errors – basics that just didn’t line up!

It could be a number of factors and trying to figure out what isn’t quite right is difficult if not impossible for most of us.

What we need is a proven and repeatable system, and that’s what we’ll give you in the SMART Rider – Corner with Confidence course.

We’ve broken the braking and cornering process right down into easily digestible chunks that you can learn and apply instantly, and then consolidate into a consistent system that becomes part of your regular riding regime.

Some of the things you will learn are:

  • how to set your bike and yourself up for the corner correctly every single time;
  • the science that actually makes a motorcycle turn (when you understand this your cornering will change forever);
  • the system of braking and throttle control that professional riders use;
  • road lines vs race lines – and why race lines should stay at the race track;
  • selecting the correct gear for the corner; and
  • how to recover if you get it wrong (and we hope you don’t after this course).

SMART Rider – Corner with Confidence is a 4-hour practical course in a closed and safe environment, and at a pace that allows you to absorb and consolidate the skills we’re wanting to teach you.

You will work in small groups of riders of a similar experience level, and our team will work closely with you to give you individual feedback and guidance throughout the sessions.


at SMART Rider Academy

Well, if you’d like to refine your cornering, eliminate the frights (uh-ohs), make your riding more predictable, consistent, and enjoyable – then YES, this is for you!

The course content is broken down and structured in a way that makes it suitable for all riders regardless of their current level of experience.

So whether you’ve been riding for just a week or for over 30 years (like some of us on our team) we can guarantee you will leave with a greater understanding of your motorcycle and with improved cornering skills.

All you need is a desire to make your cornering better and we’ll do the rest for you.

All you need is:

  • a roadworthy and registered motorcycle with a full tank of fuel;
  • the appropriate licence for the motorcycle you are riding;
  • a helmet that meets Australian standard AS/NZS 1698 or ECE Standard 22.05 or higher;
  • clothing that covers your entire body (no exposed skin allowed), closed in shoes; and
  • a desire to learn.

We strongly recommend you wear full protective gear that also includes a jacket, gloves, pants and boots designed for motorcycle use while training with us.

When we designed this course we looked at the many options that a quick Google search for cornering courses returns. Many are track based and teach skills that don’t translate easily or safely to road riding, and the on-track environment can make it hard to work closely with participants at the very time they need guidance.

Feedback from riders also told us that they found the content on some other courses to be too overwhelming to absorb, and that matched with our own training experiences.

We wanted to give you something better – a different approach.

And if you’ve done any other training with us at the SMART Rider Academy you know we’re very good at delivering a different and very effective approach to motorcycle training.

Our core team all have over 20 years of riding experience (some of us are pushing 40 years – yikes!) and most have 20+ years of experience as instructors. Our team is selected not just on their riding and training capabilities, but more importantly on their attitude and ability to bring out the best in you. You won’t find a huge ego anywhere in our team, and that ensures that you feel comfortable when you’re with us.

Over the last 20 years we’ve worked closely with Queensland Transport and Main Roads, Queensland Police Service, motorcycle clubs, road safety and advisory groups, and delivered training to organisations across Australia and internationally.

We’ve developed a reputation as a source of consistently reliable motorcycle education content and our company was acknowledged with a prestigious international award in 2020 for the “Best Motorcycle Safety Education Platform – Australia”.

The SMART Rider – Corner with Confidence is run at the Beenleigh Multisports Association in Beenleigh. Course dates are listed in the “Upcoming Courses” calendar on this page.

The SMART Rider – Corner with Confidence course is just $225. 

Simply click on the “Register NOW” button or the link in the “Upcoming Courses” calendar on this page. And of you need any help to register or have any other questions please call us on 1300 961 335.